May 21, 2020

5 New RDP Locations and Dedicated Panel Added

Abhishek Thakur

NEW RDP Locations & Dedicated Panel Added

New Location: New York, Los Angeles, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia & Dedicated Panel( To control root access of your VPS and Dedicated Server restart, shutdown, reload, and more features).

Amidst the COVID 19 crisis, RDP and VPS services are growing exponentially. With this pandemic, 99RDP also has taken this initiative to improve its service for customers and expand the array of locations for our RDP and dedicated panels. 

Not only this, but we have also revamped our RDP plans and added more features to most of them for the ease of our users. 

We thrive in delivering the very best service level to gain the trust of our consumers/users around the world. Further, we do take security as our top priority, and hence our team continually helps you to be secured from any harmful or malicious attacks. At the same time, our team maintains a high standard of performance and maximum uptime for each of the consumers (be it for any plan). 

With all this addressed, here’s some exciting news and updates for customers and users of 99RDP:


Our new plans with 100% clean Netherlands RDP are a perfect plan for Ultrafast, low latency private RDP with VPS control panel. With these plans, we aim to provide full root admin access to non-shared Netherlands RDP with 100% uptime. We have segregated our Netherland RDP plans into four categories to cater to varied users of our services. The categories are divided into Regular VPS, Pro VPS, Optimized VPS, and Exclusive VPS. Each Netherland RDP offers distinct features such as bandwidth, HDD Disk, and much more. However, all the plans will present the user with Full Root Admin Access.

New York

First up, we are proud to announce that we have established a new location in New York, US. The Japanese are a few of the most enthusiastic consumers of new technologies on earth, and we focus a good deal of our energy on providing our service for those who want it most. Our new data center in New York is another state-of-the-art center, using cutting-edge SSD hardware to offer VPS hosting for your region that provides uptime round and superb rates the clock. And, of course, local clients get access to our 24/7 support, activation features that are convenient and superior safety to make sure they get up and running without any trouble.


On increased user- demand, we have decided to commence Australia as one of our RDP locations as well. Here also we aim at offering four different plans for all categories of users (as per their usage). The users will gain a free VPS control panel to manage their VPS hardware (restart, shutdown, reinstall, resetting the password, and other significant features). All this will be served with no additional setup fees. Now, how cool is that? All this for our users who are in need of reliable and 100% uptime RDP services. 

Los Angeles

Another new data center we can declare for VPS hosting is in  Los Angeles, California. This is also live now, offering the same level of service and range. Whether you’re using Linux or Windows, we provide an excellent range of support technicians and features using a minimum of 5 years’ experience on your platform, ensuring you have all of the features and expert guidance. Our VPS hosting service is quite similar to your own server without paying.


Another new RDP location will be in Singapore, where we will provide our friends with excellent support in the land down under. Our new locations cover the continents of Australia, Asia, and North America. This, in itself, is demonstrative of our ambition, spanning all corners of the world map to provide our support to clients who need it. We believe everybody deserves quality website hosting, a level playing field when it comes to security. We won’t stop until we can give our service to people in every country around the world.


We’ve got a range of features to declare, enhancing aspects of our service such as security, performance, and even cosmetic upgrades. We are continually working hard to optimize and improve what we do to make sure users get the experience in any way times and hear our community. 

Her’s a list of key features added to our VPS and RDP Service:

Bulk Ordering of VPS for Businesses

Many businesses need to acquire VPS hosting in bulk, often, and with requirements concerning RAM and bandwidth. This permits them to expand their reach and grow their business accordingly. VPS Server currently offers the choice to bulk order VPS with some incredible packages at competitive rates, helping our clients grow and expand naturally with the hosting requirements accommodated.


By improving around the world, we’re currently able to offer performance enhancements to our clients. We’ve always been committed to our promise of 99.99% uptime, but we’re continually adding to the ways we could enhance this whilst providing increased speed in our support without needing to request customers to spend more of the hard-earned cash on subscriptions. Users will be enjoying improved security features and rates in their favor, and this is going to be a continuous process that continues to grow.

NEW TEMPLATES for keeping updated

We like to provide maximum convenience in our service to be sure the user experience is excellent. In this pursuit, we’ve developed lots of templates you can take advantage of navigate the intricacies of VPS hosting in a user-friendly way and to customize your experience. Explore our newest templates from your dashboard, and we hope you may find one which makes it possible to get the most out of our service, even when you’re only a novice at managing VPS hosting.

SSH KEYS For Effective Security

An SSH key is an access credential that uses the secure SSH protocol. It works in a similar method to the username and password protocol but is mostly used for automating processes to provide a streamlined experience for consumers. 99RDP have integrated SSH keys into their service to provide users using a quicker means of accessing their dash and getting to perform since we understand that having to maintain re-entering login information is a process that was tedious and unnecessary.


There’s nothing more essential for us than our clients’ safety, and we are reviewing our security features in agreement with our analysis and user opinions. As such, we’ve implemented a range of security fixes that will help our users continuously monitor and review our security in line. When you pick a VPS Server for your website from 99RDP, expect to get no less than the highest safety standards.

We Work For YOU

The VPS Server team is dedicated to providing quality of service to as many customers as possible in countries all over the world. Because our mission progresses, expect to see more locations appear in more of the world’s most cities. And hope to see our listing of new features continue to grow because we improve and optimize our service in line with trends and the latest technologies. Your business is our priority, and we will continue to keep your site up and continually running as if we were a server. 

If you are not one of our esteemed customers, please don’t hesitate to explore our packages and find an appropriate solution for your enterprise.


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