Regardless of whether you’re working from home, attempting to help your children during remote learning, or simply thinking that it’s intense to deal with your psychological well-being, we realize this year has been troublesome.

At 99RDP, our representatives (otherwise called Goal Diggers) have been feeling it as well. By and by, I’ve thought that it was hard to keep up associations with my kindred Goal Diggers without our routinely booked get-togethers and after work trips. While telecommuting has its advantages (said while taking a gander at my cabinet loaded with warm-up pants), it very well may be incredibly segregating.

Yet, as of late there’s where I’ve startlingly discovered a feeling of connectedness and comradery among my partners, and that is a Slack channel we call #goaldiggers-minions.

I don’t have a clue who had the virtuoso plan to begin a channel devoted to pet pictures joined by clever accounts or clever inscriptions, however, I owe that individual an obligation of appreciation for the everyday delight this channel brings me. I routinely end up checking the pet’s channel to perceive what shenanigans Kalu the dark Schottky has gotten into or what Sausage Chiku has found in the nursery or to impart photos of my canines to the remainder of my Bone Diggers pet darlings.

Furthermore, in spite of the fact that there’s an amicable yet genuine discussion about canines versus felines, this station is where pet proprietors (and hopeful pet proprietors) can withdraw for a snappy portion of pet treatment. In light of that, I requested our fellow goal diggers to share more insights regarding their textured companion.

Continue looking to meet the minions of 99RDP!


  Meet The Caretaker


From Chiku’s Human:
I got this cutie in the mid-summer of 2015 so we’ve had a lot of good times with a little dog growing up.  At the point when Chiku needs affection, she’s not shy about telling us. So in case I’m on a call or focus on something she may begin whinging, pawing at me, pushing me continually or she’ll simply remain with his paws on my feet until I address her.
Chiku is a soft girl she gets easily affected by simple dismay at something like when she gets in the garbage. A simple “Oh No” makes her sad like she is understanding her guilt but with my simple affection, she again gets back to the fun & loving mood. Her fun-loving activity is to sit on my dad’s lap and get massaged.  Sometimes I think that Chiku suffers from OCD because she always trying to clean up the room to his extent which worries me sometimes, that I should be doing that. She is Love.

Meet The Troublemaker


From Kalu’s Human:
Kalu Is 3 years old ( and her ancestors are from the high valley of Switzerland). There are no rats in our house as she catches them and sometimes eats them even in front of me.🤮 Sometimes Kalu gets aggressive and growls when kids in my home try to pet them. She is a big girl and she knows her ways in the house. Every slipper in the house if left unattended for a particular time belongs to Kalu, well she doesn’t wear them instead she tries to eat them. With Kalu, there is an odd behavior but it’s kind of cute when you look at it as a dog owner. Whenever you try to pet Kalu she surrenders herself on the ground giving you her stomach to pet.


Meet The Egyptian


From Olive’s Human:
Olive. Simply put, Olive is adorable. He has soft white fur he has beautiful yellow eyes. Olive is very friendly and playful. One of his favorite games is to access the inaccessible. He loves to have his tummy rubbed and loves to sit beside you with just her paws resting on your lap.
His favorite activity is to hang from the windows grills in my bedroom. He’s just a loving smart boy and also a cuddle bug. He’s a tabby. You can literally do anything to him and he won’t mind he rarely ever gets mad and his favorite food is tuna 🐟.


Meet The Dealbreaker


From Juno’s human:
I found Juno’s in a ditch 2 years ago and I think she is sweet and cute but also a little green-eyed monster as well. Usually, she prefers a quiet environment but whenever she sees the 4-year-old resident grumpy ginger cat who wants to be left alone she chases him, jumps on him, runs up from behind to grab him, sneaks up under the bed, and tries to come at him from a new direction.
She has been hissed and growled at, swatted so many times but she just keeps on coming back and not “getting it”.

Meet The Loneranger


From Brasco’s Human:
Brasco is a German Shepard, and as such loved rumbling with other dogs and sniffing smells. Brasco is sweet but not overly affectionate, protective but not obsessive.  He once stole two loaves of sliced bread, chewed the bags open, and then decided he didn’t like bread. He snuck into the kitchen and ate the chicken my mother had cut up for our stir-fry dinner. She only left it unattended on the cutting board for a minute. Brasco is our first family dog, at first Brasco was so cunning that every now and then he slips out our front gate to have some curious barking communications with the strangers. Brasco is my emotional companion from the day we met.