May 17, 2020

Step by Step guide to Open Port in Windows Firewall

Abhishek Thakur

Unless you’re an IT executive, opening ports in windows firewalls is one of the rare moments of your life that you might come across.

Well now when you have encountered such a moment, this blog will help you learn how to open ports in windows firewalls in a seamless manner. 

Problem Statement

With the following steps, you’ll learn to open a special port in Windows Firewall so that you can access it from outside. 

Just to ease it for you, we’ll be opening a 1791(TCP) port in the Windows firewall.

Let’s begin! 

Step1: Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security 

Click on Tools and a drop-down of extensive options will open.

Select ‘Windows Defender Firewall with Advanced Security’.

Step2: Inbound Rule >> New Rule… to Add ‘New Rule’ 

Click on Inbound Rules and then click on ‘New Rule…’

A new window with ‘New Inbound Rule Wizard’ will pop-up for you to enter the details of the Rule type you aim to add. 

Step3: Select the Rule Type 


What type of rule would you like to create? 


Choose on ‘Port’ option (it’s the rule that controls connections for a TCP or UDP port)

Click on ‘Next’ button


Step4: Enter the Port Number 


Moving forward onto the Protocol and Ports tab you now need to select either UDP or TCP. 


Further, now you must enter the local ports or special local ports. 


For example, a specific local port might be similar to 80. 443. 5000-5010

Click ‘Next’ 


Step 5: Allowing the Connection for Specified Conditions 


In the ‘Action’ tab you must finalize the action that must be taken when a connection matches the specified conditions.

We would recommend selecting ‘Allow the connection’. 


Selecting it would include connections that are protected with IPsec as well as those that are not. 


After clicking on the box ‘Next’


Step6: Profile: Select when will the rule be active


Check the boxes for the three conditions for which you want the rule to be active. 


The three options available are:




Click on ‘Next’ 


Step7: Define the Rule Name 


Enter the Rule name and you can also add a description for any future references and understanding. 



Click ‘Finish’


Step8: You Just Added a Port in the Windows Firewall


Yes, once you click on the ‘Finish’ button, you’ll be directed to the main screen with Inbound rules, where you would spot Rule name on top of the table. 

There you have it, all the steps required to open the port in Windows Firewall. 


We hope it was helpful to you.


If you have any doubt, reach out to us, we at 99RDP would love to solve your query right away!

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