September 29, 2018

99RDP Adds an Instant Option For Quick Payment Process

Abhishek Thakur

In today’s connected world, consumers anticipate instant fund transfers — just how they anticipate instant access to information on their computers or smartphones. However, in most markets, that is still not happening. But we at 99RDP are continuously focusing on solving the issues faced by our customers. Therefore, we have introduced a new feature of instant payment for our consumers.

With this new pop-up payment, all you need do is click on the link and pay for the relevant plan in few seconds. By opting this payment process, you’ll save yourself from spending several minutes for completing the purchase.

Moving the checkout line quickly is the main aim of 99RDP’s team to add the feature of pop-up payment. They are highly useful and effective when you are in a rush. It’ll also provide customers with the most secure and seamless payment experience out there.

Benefits Of This Add-On Payment Feature

Instant payments would be those in which the funds being moved into the payee are available to them moments after the transfer has been made. For banks, this means more potential to provide new services to customers; increased efficiencies created through the shift from paper; augmented relationships with existing customers and the capability to get new ones.

Numerous faster payment methods are live in 18 worldwide markets and are intended in 24 other niches. Nevertheless, these systems continue to be the exception rather than the rule. The world is aiming for gaining a competitive advantage and increase the efficiency of their business. Implementing faster payment options are highly efficient for businesses and hence will ease out our payment process.

This quick pop-up for faster payments will be helpful in reducing many risks in the current system of payment by shortening the delay between payment initiation, settlement, and clearing. Such swift payment process and timely confirmation of good funds and certainty of payment finality could benefit the customers as well as the financial institutions.

Our faster payment solutions are incorporated with advanced security features and technologies to generate confidence in our payment system in the long run.

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