August 22, 2018

99RDP Ensures A Top Quality Security For Your Transactions With FastSpring

Abhishek Thakur

Being a privileged customer of 99RDP offers its own perks. Now the customers of 99RDP will be able to pay using AUD, BRL, CAD, CHF, CNY, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD, INR, JPY, NZD, PLN, SEK, SGD, USD, and ZAR.  Yeah, we also were awestruck with the number of payment options 99RDP is offering for their worldwide customer satisfaction. With these many payment options, one thing is clear, you can pay for your favorite RDP plan in any payment method possible.

now pay with paypal & credit card

However, if the security of payment is an issue, then 99RDP has understood your issue and has worked on it too.  Yeah, 99RDP has added a new payment gateway with FastSpring, the most secure payment gateway possible.

Fastspring is built for smaller businesses and enterprise-grade companies alike. It is constructed for people selling online software applications, software services (SaaS), or background subscription products. With numerous billing models, payment gateways, and payment choices, you’re going to be set up to start collecting revenue immediately.

Here are unique features of FastSpring that insisted it’s adoption to 99RDP portal:

Get up and running quickly.

Expedite your own time-to-value without requiring large integration effort and cost. Choose from multiple billing models and payment options, together with the capability to begin collecting revenue fast.

Dunning Management

Automatically send reminder notifications to your clients about past due to balances. Reducing the resources and time spent manually checking up on delinquent accounts.

Automated Correspondence

Have a direct line of communication with your clients. Send digital invoices, receipts, accounts summaries, collection reminders, and automatic renewal notices.

Pricing Flexibility

Construct more worth together with your loyal customers. Create and manage tiered pricing structures as well as add-ons, upgrades, and cross-sells.


Produce special promotions, flash revenue, and more. FastSpring supports trial periods and accepts discounts, discounts, coupons, and rebates.

For an e-commerce site, it’s important to hit international markets. FastSpring has more than 20 different languages. Also, payments are accepted in over 12 monies so you may really sell to the entire planet with Fast Spring.

You have to personalize all your pages on your own. Design according to your feasibility. You’re able to go for simpler designs for overall products up to more complex ones for a specific brand or genre. Be it shopping carts or order web pages, you have to command all of them.

When you have a series of shops, it is possible to conduct all of them via a single account. It’s even more helpful if you like keeping things discreet. Manage each of your stores through precisely the identical interface with the ability to personalize each page individually.

Because a lot of internet buyer’s order through their mobile devices, FastSpring gives you cellular optimization options also. Using a dedicated screen for mobile devices, clients find it easier to browse, browse and order from the website.

To make sure that your clients are at ease with payment security, FastSpring has integrated with the best payment solutions on earth. Fraud protection providers have been also available, ensuring that the transactions are fast, secure and simple. This is the reason 99RDP has entrusted their customer’s transactions on FastSpring.

Because it is a cloud-based applications services. You won’t require any excess servers and hardware for your store as data migration is left simple and easier. It offers around 5GB of downloadable documents for your providers.

pay with your favourite wallet and bank

So, that’s how 99RDP is taking care of their clients and services. An extensive research done before implementing new payment gateway proves that 99RDP along with their cheapest dedicated servers are acing at their customer satisfaction chart too.

Here are some direct links for payments of each plan. Visit the adjacent links for making the payment:

admin-NL-50g  :

Admin NL 100G:

admin-NL-150g :

admin-NL-200g :


dedicated-nl-16g :

dedicated-nl-32g :

dedicated-nl-64g :



encoding-nl-150g :

encoding-nl-150g :

encoding-nl-200g :

encoding-nl-300g :


private-nl-200g :

private-nl-300g :

private-nl-400g :

private-nl-500g :


startup-nl-50g  :

startup-nl-100g :

startup-nl-150g :

startup-nl-200g :


We hope the article was helpful for you :).

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