May 6, 2021

Announcing Media Streaming Cloud For Broadcast-Quality Video Streaming, Accessibility and Distribution.


We, at 99RDP, are proud to introduce our latest lineup of Media Streaming Cloud-Streaming RDP, GPU RDP, and GPU DS. We can guarantee that we never compromised our quality standards while keeping your needs in mind.  With thousands of options to choose from 99RDP, we can offer you Media Streaming Cloud that is more catered to your taste. We are receiving quite positive feedback from the customers, and many of our vendors are fully satisfied with it. Whether you’re a streamer, a content creator, a call management center, a Video-On-Demand vendor, a government agency, or an entertainment company it will stand up to your expectations.

Gone are the days of Blockbuster video rentals, making mixtapes on old cassettes, and recording television on VHS tapes. Thanks to the power of the cloud we can now stream video and more straight onto our devices. We can watch our favorite Youtube videos on our televisions, catch up on Netflix on our phones, and stream music through our laptops. Certainly, the options are endless and the technology behind them is powerful.

Our new product lineup helps you scale your media content that delivers media experiences of outstanding quality to large audiences to today’s most popular mobile devices, browsers, and online platforms. Run your most demanding workloads with the confidence of a financially backed SLA with each of our Media Cloud. Experience rapid scalability with the elastic capacity to build robust streaming data pipelines and analyze millions of events at subsecond latencies. Hybrid architectures with the option to choose between Intel® Core™ i7-6700, AMD Ryzen 5 3600 12 CPU 3.60GHz and Intel® Core™ i7-6700 Quad-Core for stream processing with the ability to run edge to edge with Geforce® GTX 1080, NVIDIA Geforce® GTX 710, Intel HD Graphics 630 option.

While keeping each one of you in thoughts we have divided our Streaming Media Cloud into three categories, each one laser-focused to give you and your audience the best of media experience with a price ranging from $15.99 to $179/month.  Create live events through RTMPS protocol or Send live and on‐demand audio and video to iPhone, Android, Mac, PC, Apple TV with HTTP Live Streaming (HLS). Use high-quality video encoding hardware and software to reach your audiences on the devices they use. Improve content discoverability and performance All at a cost that will truly satisfy your workflow.

Secure Streaming Solution With Enhanced Security and Compliance From 99RDP.

  • Encryption of all incoming and outgoing communications.
  • Meets international and industry-specific security and compliance standards, including HIPAA, HITRUST, CSA STAR, and ISO/SOC requirements
  • Get guaranteed 99.9% SLA  with Dedicated cPanel. Our single-tenant( which is GPU Dedicated Server offering provides all the features of Standard IAAS, in comparison to our shared tenant Streaming/GPU RDP.

99RDP Media Streaming Cloud makes it easy to securely share video content, so everyone can access the information that’s important to them. Deliver Solutions in minutes rather than days and weeks.

Our first category Streaming RDP  created for the newcomers who want to experiment with their thoughts and motives to the outside world without having to think about the management  Starting at just    $ 15.99.


The second category GPU RDP is for the clients whose workflows demand high encoding and streaming resources within a shared cloud. The main focus of this is to attract gamers and streamers who are at least knee-deep. Instantly create video-on-demand assets from your live streams. Best suited to accommodate medium-sized audiences. Starting at just    $ 29.99.


The third category GPU DS is suited best for professional content creators, YouTubers, Twitch Streamers, Online Teaching, Office Management, Media Company, and so on. Achieve Near-Real-Time Streaming Over Suboptimal Networks. Expert Help When You Need It. Starting at just    $ 99.

Getting Started With Our Media Streaming Cloud

Whether you’re an existing 99RDP customer or just getting started, you’re going to love our new and improved Streaming RDP, GPU RDP, and GPU DS plans.

Did you find this article helpful? Then you’ll love our support. Experience the 99RDP  difference today. Check out our other RDP plans today.


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