December 17, 2021

Announcing Perfect Germany Dedicated Servers For You

Mayank Kumar

Hello and welcome to 99rdp with another new blog post. Before we jump into the discussion over the Germany Dedicated Server, first we discuss the Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers. Many people are confused about choosing what’s best for them. Which is most suitable for their work a Dedicated Server Or A VPS Server. Let’s look into this:

In the world of servers, there are two types: Dedicated Servers and VPS Servers. Dedicated servers are more expensive, but they offer a lot more power than VPS servers. These days though, we’ve been seeing people use the term “bare-metal” to describe Dedicated Server systems. What does this mean? And why do we call them bare-metal in the first place?


The Bare Metal Server Explained: Dedicated Servers vs Virtual Private Servers:

When Dedicated Servers first came onto the scene, there were no Virtual Private Servers yet. Dedicated Servers meant that a single server would be dedicated to running one application or website at a time. There could be other Dedicated Server options as well as VPS and Cloud Computing services on the same machine, but they’d all be separate from each other. Dedicated Servers also meant that the server wasn’t shared with anyone else, so it would have its physical hardware and operating system to run on.


What is Bare Metal?

The term “bare-metal” is used with Dedicated Servers referring to the solid, physical structure of the Dedicated Server. It doesn’t have a virtualization layer on top of it and instead is running directly on physical hardware. So we called Dedicated Servers “bare-metal servers” because they don’t run in any software container as VPS servers do.


Why is a Bare-Metal (Dedicated) server better than a VPS server?

With Dedicated Servers, you can upgrade your CPU and RAM depending on what kind of power you need. Dedicated servers are also much faster than VPS servers because their hardware isn’t shared with anyone else. When it comes down to Dedicated or VPS though, Dedicated Servers generally offer better performance for the money.

We help you find the perfect server, no matter what your needs are. We have a range of dedicated servers and VPS and private cloud options for every business or project size!


Germany Dedicated Servers

We are announcing Windows Dedicated Server For You With Full root admin power with a non-shared dedicated server, 1Gbps Uploading, Downloading, High Storage with no setup fees, and dedicated control panel. Get Your Dedicated Server in Germany with Full Secured Network. 99rdp Offers the Fully Upgraded and Next-Generation Bare Metal Solution. We Provide Germany Dedicated Servers Covering Locations like  Frankfurt and many other locations.

No O/S Installation charge, Windows 10, Windows Server 2012, 2016, 2019, And Other O/S Available.

Our Private RDP & Dedicated Server comes with 100% Clean IP With Full Root Admin Access Unlimited bandwidth with the cheapest rate in the market & You can Pay Via PP, PM, WMZ, Payeer, Skrill, CC, DC, Payoneer, Paytm, and CryptoCurrency.


Key Features of Germany Dedicated Server


*Hardware RAID:

This feature allows you to have a hardware RAID controller in order to manage the RAID independently from the host and presents to the host only a single disk per RAID array. You may request this feature by ticket if it isn’t available in the cart.


*Additional IP:

This feature allows you to buy additional IPs to be used on the server as secondary IPs, either before or after delivery of the server. You may request this feature by ticket if it isn’t available in the cart.


*Premium Bandwidth:

Our dedicated servers come with the fastest network which provides more reliable connections that don’t experience trouble too often versus your cheaper bandwidth which may be a little less in quality.


*Powerful Control Panel:

A choice of Control Panels for your dedicated server. Everything about your dedicated server is customizable, including which management control panel you would like to use.

Germany Dedicated Servers

Germany Dedicated Servers


*Server Level Protection:

Automatically DDoS detect & mitigate any type of attack at layers 3-4 & the application layer. Full-Network Protection. Stop Bot Attacks. Easy Integration. Strategic Sinkholes. Trusted Globally.


*No Overloaded Servers:

Our main goal is to provide the best performance RDP with the cheapest RDP price possible, that’s why we limit the number of users on our shared servers so that the overall CPU can be fairly used by all users.


*High-traffic business websites:

Constant Business growth results in traffic spikes on the websites; this leads to the outreach of the shared resources. Our Bare Metal Dedicated Server Germany provides you the potent power to smoothly run your website and handle the user traffic without interruptions, even if your site hits with high traffic.


Why are 99rdp Dedicated Servers Best in the Market?

You may find lots of web hosts providing dedicated servers. However, by investing in 99rdp dedicated servers, you will find the difference. With our dedicated hosting solutions, we ensure the ultimate control, security, and performance of your site. They come up with pre-configured giving you the performance of dedicated server hosting with the flexibility of a virtual machine.

Moreover, at a reasonable rate, our servers provide you with valuable tools to manage and protect the hosting account. What’s more, one-click installation and free website building solutions can easily attract you. You can load pages fast, and we provide you with a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


What Makes Our 99RDP Service Best?

* IP Quality:

We provide 100% Clean and Dedicated IP for Private RDP Plans, Dedicated Servers, Residential RDP With Full Admin Power So that it is only used by a single user per IP. Moreover, all our IP is stable and can be used as long as you wanted just renew it on time.


* All Medium Support:

You can reach us via Whatsapp, Skype, Telegram, FB, Support tickets, and Live Chat for easy follow-up, and quick solutions. We are always here to help our customers.


* 24Hrs Money-back Guarantee:

If you’re not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 24 hrs. Please Read Our Refund Policy for all details.


* Affordable Prices:

Our Cheap RDP plan starts at @$5.99 Only which comes with pure NVMe SSD and 1 Gbit Internet Speed, Also For Dedicated Server Clients our 32GB RAM, 4 TB Start @$59 only.


* Optimized RDP Servers:

All our GPU RDP, Rendering RDP, Streaming RDP Servers are highly optimized for low latency connection and we only used NVMe SSD, so performance on all servers is up to mark.

Germany Dedicated Server

Best RDP/VPS/Dedicated Provider

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