June 3, 2022

Best Forex VPS Providers

Abhishek Thakur

This article will give you a good knowledge of the ‘best Forex VPS providers. First, you might want to know what is Forex VPS hosting. Continue reading this article to know about it.

What is Forex VPS Hosting?

Using data center accommodations, a virtual private server (VPS) allows companies to find physical hardware to give a direct ISP connection, with Forex VPS data centers or professional computer-server services giving the chance for trading organizations to host their software for 24-hour activities.

VPS hosting was created to combine the best aspects of both shared and dedicated hosting, allowing a website to be hosted on a server that hosts other websites. The only difference is that there are fewer sites per server. In a virtual private server (VPS) center, virtualization is used to separate the various servers.

Monthly or yearly, the sites pay a much smaller proportion of the server’s operating costs than a dedicated hosting site would.

You won’t have to share assets with other websites when you use virtual private servers, which have their operating system, storage, RAM, and monthly information transfer quotas. This ensures more stable and gentler site effectiveness.

Important considerations while choosing a Forex VPS

Performance: It is possible that a customer with a heavy workload could adversely affect the productivity of other containers on a forex VPS because virtualization is performed at the operating system level rather than at the hardware level in just about all forex VPS. Enhanced latency may be the result of decreased uptime and speed.

Hyper-V and OpenVZ are the only two setups that can guarantee the requisite level of stability for customers of forex VPS running on Microsoft Windows Servers.

Flexible Hosting Plans: Traders should be able to choose from a variety of hosting services to suit their specific requirements.

Location of VPS / broker’s server: Choosing a forex VPS that is co-located with your broker’s server is essential to minimize the latency period between you and your broker’s server. This may be the most critical factor to consider.

Uptime: For a VPS provider to give at least 99.999% uptime, they must have substantial redundancy in the system, which enables the VPS provider to proficiently shift customers to another storage area if there is downtime in a specific storage area.

Embrace a variety of applications: VPS providers must be able to embrace a variety of applications and software from the forex market, as well as allow the customer to customize the software as needed.

Best Forex VPS Providers

The following are the best Forex VPS providers:


99RDP provides a perfect plan For Ultrafast, low latency Forex Trading RDP with VPS Control Panel. It also gives full  Root Admin Access Non-Shared Forex RDP Stable IP with 100% UpTime.

You can access your server through your smartphone(Android/IOS), and workstations, you can log in and check on the status of your platform at any time. We need to safeguard your private information. Our Forex VPS is highly safe and 100% private and non-shared. We also give a Forex VPS control panel so that you can restart, shut down, and control its hardware suitably. Tested FX Brokers IC Markets VPS, FxPro VPS, Oanda VPS, AxiTrader VPS, MT4 & MT5 are available. You can go through our website to know about our pricing plans and buy cheap RDP from us.



Amazing RDP provides full root admin access to its customers. We provide 100% clean IP, and 100% optimized Forex RDP. The other features of our RDP services include enhanced performance, high safety, and low latency connection.

You can go through our website to know about our pricing plans and buy cheap RDP from us.


EURDP provides one of the best Forex Remote Desktop Services. VPS hosting means sharing the resources of a physical server into several virtual servers. The KVM virtualization technology that we use allows us to create a complete virtual analog of a physical server and guarantees high performance. Our VPS server is fully customizable.

You can go through our website to know about our pricing plans and buy cheap RDP from us.

FP Markets

It was established in 2005 and is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC), which provides top-tier leverage and separation of user funds.


Online forex and CFD trading company FXCM Group is a multinational corporation. They’re based in the United Kingdom, as you might expect. In addition to its headquarters in the United States, the trading firm has offices around the world, and in Australia and South Africa.

As a result of the company’s wide range of trading options and the wide range of tradable items, FXCM has become one of the most popular Forex brokers in the world. Due to a new ESMA rule, FXCM can only offer a maximum leverage of 1:30 on the important currency pairs.


After reading this article, you might have got to know about the best Forex VPS providers. You can read this article also for learn about ‘what services does RDS offer?‘ If you want to buy cheap and dedicated RDP from us, refer to our website of 99RDP.


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