September 15, 2021

Best Free Vpn For Server Without Disconnect Issue

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What is VPN and how it works –


This is pretty general these days, regardless of what is said about the web pages you visit. So, this is how VPN is used. A VPN, short for “Virtual Private Network”, ensures that your computer can no longer be traced. It works like this: Instead of connecting to your Internet provider, your computer connects to a VPN server via a secure, encrypted connection. Next, the VPN server contacts the website you are looking for. The data about your visit is saved as usual, but based on the IP address of the VPN server and not on yours. eBay may still collect data about your visit, but it won’t be able to relate that data to you!

To explain the difference in more detail, let’s take a look at the old-fashioned postal services. Using the Internet the normal way is like sending a letter. Without a VPN, your home address is readable and usable by everyone the moment you put your letter in the mailbox. But when you send the same letter through a VPN server, suddenly you are using the wrong home address and courier service. In addition, your letter will be written in a secret code, with the support of a level of encryption security that most VPN servers use to ensure that spies cannot understand what you have written.

Issues  –

  • Disconnects Your Sessions
  • RDP Goes fully Offline 


Solution –

  • All Vpn Will Not work on the Server because many VPN install network Driver themselves. 
  • So we Need to Find a VPN That Secure the internet Connection without Installing Network Driver.
  • Alternative You Can Use Browser VPN Addons. Almost all VPN providers provide VPN Extension For Web Browsers.


Free VPN That Works On Server –


Urban VPN

– Features –

Vpn For Server Vpn For Server Vpn For Server

Here is the – Official Website Link

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