November 22, 2020

Bluestacks RDP: the Power of Android Fast Virtual Experience


When we first launched our First RDP in 2014, our customers jumped on those servers so they could experience  FASTER and Improved Performance. We couldn’t have imagined back then how fast our latest generation of RDP would actually be, but we’ve continued to focus on breaking new speed barriers with Bluestacks RDP.

We’re excited to announce our brand new, BLUESTACKS RDP lineup that now includes Four faster and improved server configuration plans. Our new BLUESTACKS RDP lineup is 2X FASTER to the first bit and features 40% less cost, 40% FASTER CPU performance than our shared plans!




Each BLUESTACKS RDP is now hosted on the latest generation of INTEL XEON hardware. SuperMICR SERVER box which provides enhanced processing power with unbelievable I/O capacity to help vastly reduce bottlenecks for BLUESTACKS virtualization. We have also increased CPU and RAM on our BLUESTACKS RDP. Increased CPU means more instructions can be executed each second by your server. More instructions per second mean better performance. Additional RAM means more data and instructions can be accessed directly by the CPU. Which means an overall performance boost up for BLUESTACKS RDP.

Our BLUESTACKS RDP also features:

  • Intel Xeon Multiple core Capability allows you to run multiple BLUESTACK Instances
  • Single user for each BS RDP
  • Full Admin Privileges
  • Dedicated control panel with VNC viewer
  • Choose Your BLUESTACKS version V3|V4




At 99RDP our main goal is to satisfy our customers to their needs. We have also seen a high number of Bluestacks users on our shared RDP. With this plan, we tend to focus on the users who want a true virtual android experience offering them high-performance and the best-optimized environment for using BLUESTACKS. With Android RDP plan create multiple instances of blue stacks 2x faster than the shared plans. Record lag-free gameplay. Automate macros for your tasks and processes. With all the things keeping in mind and to increase our user’s experience, here we are. For the ANDROID family.

Features that you will love


Bluestacks RDP

In addition to speed and ease-of-use, Your BLuestacks RDP will come preconfigured with BLUESTACKS V3 or V4 engine with all the dependencies pre-configured. So that you don’t have to worry that the graphics driver are not updated or ***dll is missing. Each of our BLUESTACKS RDP comes fine-tuned and backed by our 99.9% Uptime Commitment with 24*7 customer support. This rare combination of speed and reliability makes BLUESTACKS RDP the perfect plan for your Virtual Android Experience. Additional features included with your account are:

  • Easy-To-Use cPanel Control Panel
  • Easy Device integration
  • 24/7/365 Technical  Support For All your BLUESTACKS Problem
  • Easy installation of applications
  • Always up-to-date
  • Keep apps online for 24 hours

Bluestacks RDP

Bluestacks RDP

Getting Started With BLUESTACKS RDP

Whether you’re an existing 99RDP customer or just getting started, you’re going to love our new and improved BLUESTACKS RDP plans. This one dedicated to all the Android fans and users, let nothing stop you.  Give your Android apps some virtual space and try our BLUESTACKS RDP risk-free. We’re excited to work with you!

Did you find this article helpful? Then you’ll love our support. Experience the 99RDP  difference today. Check out our other RDP plans today.

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