December 30, 2021

Germany Unmetered Server

Mayank Kumar

Unmetered Dedicated Server is the best server in which you have unlimited bandwidth for transferring a high volume of data without any restrictions. In Unmetered Dedicated Server, there is no limitation set for one month’s usage of bandwidth. In Dedicated Server your server is connected to a port in which there is a set port of speed, and you have full access to use a little bandwidth of that port.

The Reason Why You Should Choose Unlimited Bandwidth Dedicated Server:

  •  Avoid Overage Fees of Bandwidth Usage
  •  Easily Stream a Videos, and more
  •  Transfer High Volume of Data Without Any Restriction
  •  No Limit on Bandwidth Usage


The Benefit Of Using Unmetered Bandwidth Dedicated Server

Better Flexibility And Freedom: In an Unmetered Dedicated Server, you can easily transfer a high volume of data without any restrictions.

 Greater Overall Performance: On Dedicated Server with Unlimited Bandwidth, you can easily function any type of website, eCommerce website, blog, gaming, and any other platform. On this server, you will get a smooth performance.

 Added Security And Peace Of Mind: In an unmetered Dedicated server, you no need to worry about your data it is secured, and if you want to add some plugins to the server you can add it without any problem.

Save Money In The Long Run: Unmetered Bandwidth Dedicated Server is a real money saver because in an Unmetered Dedicated Server you no need to pay an overage charge for extra bandwidth usage.

These are the point that why you consider an unmetered dedicated server. You should buy a Dedicated Server with the unmetered dedicated server from the best web hosting provider with the best services and facilities.

99rdp’s Data Center is the best web hosting provider who provides unmetered Dedicated Server at affordable prices with the best services and facilities likes:

  • Secured Network
  • Upgraded Server
  • Outstanding Speed
  • 24/7 Customer Live Chat Support
  • Technical Support


Germany Unmetered Server | 100mbps, 1Gbps & 10Gbps Bandwidth

DDOS Protection | Remote Management | HPE Hardware | 99.9% Availability | Datacenter In Frankfurt

If you need Unmetered dedicated hosting, our unmetered bandwidth servers in Germany are guaranteed to be the right choice for you. We offer you a selection of different pre-configured systems from High-quality hardware components and the latest technologies such as the latest AMD Epyc / Intel Xeon E3 / E5 CPUs in connection with DDR3 / 4 as well as with and without ECC error correction are used. However, the focus is on the individually given possibility to equip your dedicated server according to your wishes. All servers come with 5Tb metered bandwidth on 100mbps & 1Gbps port. Take advantage and Buy Germany Serve Now.

  • Robust Connectivity – 1GE, 10GE Dedicated Uplinks | Premium Metered Bandwidth | Multiple redundant backbones.
  • Most Reliable – HP / DELL Bare Metal Server with 99.9% uptime.
  • State-of-the-Art – TIER III+ Datacenter | Advanced Infrastructure.
  • Speed Test IP Netherlands – 37.xx.xx.140 | 100MB TEST FILE.
  • Features – Full Root Access | DDOS Protection | IPMI Access | Private Networking | Control panel for OS Reload, RDNS, Traffic Stats, Reboot, Rescue Boot.
  • Setup Time – 1 – 48 Working Hours (Pre-configured Servers) | 1 – 3 Working Days (Custom Setup Servers).
  • NOT Allowed – Mass Mailing, Port / Network Scan, IP header modification, DDOS Attacks | Allowed – Streaming, IPTV, VPN Node, TOR Node.

Our infrastructure is fully redundant via a well-known Tier 1 carrier and a direct connection to DE-CIX (the largest Internet exchange node in the world) and meets the highest quality and security requirements to achieve maximum performance. Thanks to a highly scalable architecture, we are also able to implement larger projects at short notice.

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