January 14, 2020

How Forex RDP Works in Forex Trading?

Abhishek Thakur

The Forex is basically a foreign exchange market that serves as a global currency market. The idea of Forex trading entails selling one currency to purchase another i.e. purchasing a currency at an appropriate price and then trading it at a higher rate to earn a profit.

Forex RDP is a service that assists traders to dispose of their expert advisors on a dedicated server which will be operating 24/7 without any interruptions, autonomously from the trader’s PC and without any toil or struggle from the trader’s front. Forex RDP hosting ordinarily charge from $17 to $79 per month (depending on the company’s greed and server’s quality). If you possess a working MT4 EA, it’s invariably more beneficial to install it on Forex RDP, as when an EA is working from your office or home PC there is perpetually a possibility for any unforeseeable difficulties (like power outages, internet disconnections, system errors, etc.)

But the question is how does Forex RDP work in trading? What does Forex RDP server for? The overall plot of how the VPS is used in trading can be seen below:

The three entities — trader’s PC, Forex RDP with EAs and broker’s MT4 server are connected to the internet. The trader has always an option to control the RDP and upload new EAs to it and as well as to monitor and control its trading account with a Forex broker. Luckily, none of these activities demands a 24/7 uptime from the trader’s computer or connection. EAs installed on Forex RDP are broadcasting orders to the MT4 server 100% autonomously, while the substantive trading needs a 24/7 uptime and it’s provided by the Forex RDP.

It can be understood clearly by seeing at the case when the trader operates an EA on his computer and thus is obligated to constantly keep a steadfast connection to the MT4 server:

The difference can be seen when the Forex RDP is employed to host the EAs (expert advisors). Now the trader seldom requires a connection to the Forex RDP (only when any modifications to the EAs is to be made), while the Forex RDP stays constantly connected to MT4 server and is transferring trading orders directly to it:

We hope that now it will be simpler for traders to realize why it’s recommended to opt for a Forex RDP hosting for their Expert Advisors when they can easily afford it.:

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