October 13, 2022

How Secure Is Windows RDP?

Abhishek Thakur

How Secure Is Windows RDP?

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What is Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP)?

Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is a network communication protocol that ensures privacy and confidentiality, when accessing remote computers.

It allows for the safe transfer of data over an encoded connection between two remote computers.

How Secure Is Windows RDP?

How Secure Is Windows RDP?

Remote Desktop Protocol is vulnerable to cyberattacks despite its high level of security and features like network-level authentication (NLA). Almost all incoming and outgoing requests for Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections use TCP port 3389, making it easier for cybercriminals to launch a man-in-the-middle attack and eavesdrop on traffic between remote computers. Attackers can take control of the RDP server by posing as one of the communicating parties. RDP can be vulnerable to brute-force attacks because users often use the same password for remote login. Moreover, attackers can gain access to a company’s network by exploiting the BlueKeep flaw in RDP.

Strong password management and RDP firewall configuration can help prevent attacks, but it’s still smart to use a comprehensive RDP security solution, like 99RDP, to be safe.

Solutions to secure Windows RDP

a) Multi-platform support: IT departments can use 99RDP’s RDP software to remotely access and manage computers running Windows, Linux, and macOS. Installing the Dameware mobile app on an Android or iOS device allows you to manage those gadgets remotely.

b) Strong authentication and authorization: 99RDP’s RDP software provides strong authentication and authorization to protect sensitive data during remote sessions. It encrypts data during remote sessions with strong algorithms like AES 256 and RC4, making it impossible for hackers to steal private information. Furthermore, authorized users will only be able to access remote devices thanks to multi-factor authentication.

c) Remote troubleshooting: Setting up 99RDP’s RDP Client Agent for unattended sessions enables remote troubleshooting without disrupting end-user operations. As an added bonus, you can securely reboot remote computers, deploy software, and troubleshoot OS issues in a flash. Similarly, remote chat and video calling support is offered for quick problem solving.

d) Active directory management: 99RDP’s RDP software’s Remote Support has a centralised console, which makes it easy to administer an entire Active Directory infrastructure, including multiple users, groups, and domains. When it comes to ensuring that only authorised users can connect to remote devices, you can tighten security controls by modifying existing user permissions, changing passwords, and managing group-level policies.

e) Remote access for hibernating and crashed computers: 99RDP’s RDP software allows you to remotely access and power up sleepinAfter reading this article, you might have got a good idea about, How Secure Is Windows RDP? You can read this article to learn about, how to use Remote Desktop Protocol. You can also read this article to learn about, the features and functions of RDP. Visit our website, 99rdp.com to know about the prices of different types of RDP available with us. g or hibernating computers through the use of Kernel Virtual Machine (KVM), Intel vPro, and Wake-on-LAN technology. In addition, these cutting-edge tools allow you to make changes to the BIOS and restart frozen PCs.

f) Integrated, proprietary internet proxy: With the help of proprietary, built-in proxy of 99RDP’s RDP software, IT support staff can access end users from outside the company’s firewalls to provide themselves with technical assistance. Using our software, IT departments can run remote sessions without manually configuring a proxy over a VPN.


After reading this article, you might have got a good idea about, How Secure Is Windows RDP? You can read this article to learn about, how to use Remote Desktop Protocol. You can also read this article to learn about, the features and functions of RDP. Visit our website, 99rdp.com to know about the prices of different types of RDP available with us

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