July 5, 2020

How to Block An Application from Accessing the Internet

mr rockstar

Most of the time we want our applications online and connected to both our local network and the greater Internet. There are instances, however, when we want to prevent an application from connecting to the Internet. Read on as we show you how to lock down an application via the Windows Firewall.

So we will go through Some Normal Processes.

  • In the Run prompt (Win + R), Type “control firewall.cpl” , and hit the Enter key.
  • It will open the Windows Firewall console.
  • Select Advanced settings and highlight Outbound Rules in the left pane.
  • Right-click Inbound Rules and select New Rule.
  • In the “New Outbound Rule Wizard,” confirm that the “Program” option is selected, and then click the “Next” button.
  • On the “Program” screen, select the “This program path” option, and then type (or browse for) the path to the program you want to block.
  • once you’ve selected your application and confirmed the path, you can finally click that “Next” button.
  • On the “Action” screen of the wizard, select the “Block the connection” option, and then click “Next.”
  • Choose the profile this rule applies to. If in doubt, select all three.
  • Add the descriptive name (you may want to delete this rule later).

You’re done. Now Your desired Program is Blocked from Accessing the Internet!

Here is Tutorial Video Link


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