July 6, 2020

How To Encode Video In Encoding RDP

mr rockstar

“In video editing and production, video encoding is the process of preparing the video for output, where the digital video is encoded to meet proper formats and specifications for recording and playback through the use of video encoder software.”

  •  you will need 2 things for Encoding
    a) Encoding Software (Handbrake, Hybrid, Megui, etc…)
    b) Encoding content that you want to Encode.

So we will go through Some Normal Process.

  • Download
  • Installation
  • Encoding

Checkout encoding RDP plan and specification


    • Open Your Suitable Browser
    • Go to “https://handbrake.fr/
    • Download HandBrake Latest Version. It’s free software.


    • Now Install HandBrake Software on Your Desired RDP
    • I will recommend you to go through the Default Installation Process


  • open handbrake.
  • now click on the file and add your desired content.
  • I will tell you some easy setup.
  • choose your desired Format
  • now choose your desired preset ..there is a lot of preset.
  • I will show you in a very fast preset.
  • now click on Start Encode.
  • Encode speed depends on the PC configuration that you have.
  • so, I will recommend you to take a powerful Server for encoding.

Here is some Best encoding RDP suggestion

Encode Using Dedicated Server with full admin access and high storage

you can see the difference between original and encoded content in Video!

Here is Tutorial Video Link


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