March 2, 2023

How to Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome | Buy Cheap RDP

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How to Export Bookmarks from Google Chrome

To bookmark Google Chrome To use in another browser or on another device, they must first be exported. To do this, you must save your bookmark list as an HTML file on your computer. Below we explain how this works.

Export Google Chrome bookmarks – so it works

Follow our Step-by-step instructions or look at the Quick start guide.

Export Bookmarks

Open Google Chrome and click on the top right three points. Then select “Bookmark” and then “Bookmark manager” out. If you have shown the bookmark bar, you can alternatively right-click on it and directly “Bookmark manager” select.

Export Bookmarks

Then click on the middle one on the right three points. Then click on “Export bookmarks“.

Export Bookmarks

Now choose where you are Save the bookmark file would like. This is called an HTML file stored on your computer. If you are for one Location have decided, click on “Save“.

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