February 20, 2020

How to transfer file/data to server from PC?

Abhishek Thakur

Below mentioned is the most prevalent ways for transferring data between your computer and your server:

How to employ cPanel’s “File Manager” to transfer data among your computer and your web server.

How to set up a Desktop FTP client,

FTP: File Transfer Protocol

The file transport protocol FTP application transfers data/files from the pc to the server and from server to pc using the browser, and a “pc-based” FTP application transfers data utilising your computer or laptop.

How to Set Up A Desktop FTP Client

Transferring files/data using a desktop File transport protocol FTP application like Filezilla is quite alike to using a browser-based FTP client. Filezilla is a free desktop File Transfer Protocol application.

How to transfer Data/file Using cPanel

cPanel is a server administration control panel program which furnishes it very simple for users to manage most features of their web servers utilising a mere point-and-click interface.

cPanel allows an option to FTP for uploading/downloading files/data to your web server.

Why prefer cPanel to download and upload data/files to the server and local pc rather using FTP:

  • because it is quicker to upload/download data using cPanel compared to using FTP
  • It simple to upload zipped files and then extract entire files to the directory in the server as well as it is easy to zip and download compressed files from the server to pc.

Step by step Using File Manager To Upload And Extract Zipped Files

  • First, zip the file ready for uploading.
  • then, log in to cPanel and open the File Manager panel
  • Scroll down folder tree by double-clicking on the upper directory folders.
  • Find the folder in the server where the file needs to be uploaded and click on Upload.
  • A new window named Upload files will start up on the browser. Tap on the Browse button to locate and select the zipped file to be uploaded.
  • Select the file and click on Open to start uploading the file to the server.
  • Remain until the file has completed uploading, then close the Upload files window to revert to the main File Manager window.
  • Now click on Reload to refresh the window.
  • The selected zipped file has been uploaded. Then click on Extract to unzip the file. 
  • A pop-up screen will appear requesting to verify the location where the files will be decompressed. Click on Extract File(s) to proceed.
  • The Extraction Results screen appears when all the files have been extracted. Click Close to revert to the File Manager window.
  • Click on Reload to refresh the window. The file is now completely uploaded to the server.
  • The original zip file can be deleted from the server to free up space and keep the folder free of needless files.

The above process for uploading files to the server is useful in case of large files as well which take a long time to upload via FTP but normally gets uploaded in seconds or in several minutes only when transferred employing File Manager.

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