The Remote Desktop Protocol is a proprietary network protocol from Microsoft for remote access to computers. It enables the transmission of graphic screen contents from a remote computer system and the provision of peripheral functions of a workstation.

So we will go through Some Normal Processes.

  • Open a Remote Desktop Connection.

    • Windows 8: On the Start screen, type Remote Desktop Connection, and then click Remote Desktop Connection in the list of results.
    • Windows 10: On the taskbar, click the search box and type Remote Desktop Connection. Then select the Remote Desktop Connection app.
  • Now Click On Show Options. It will Expend More Options for You.
  • Select the Local Resources (Windows 7 and 8) or Local Devices and Resources (Windows 10) tab and click More Option.
  • In the drive overview, select the drives you need for your remote session.
  • Click on OK & Connect to your server.

  • You can now access the mounted drives via Windows Explorer and copy or move files between drives as desired.

You have now opened a firewall port in Windows 10!