June 16, 2023

How to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

Sanjana Kumari

How to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

Google developed the protocol known as Chroming for Chrome Remote Desktop. You may connect to and manage another machine’s desktop remotely thanks to this remote desktop software solution. You may access your desktop from anywhere in the world with a straightforward desktop connection. Learn how to utilize Google Chrome Remote Desktop in this post. If you haven’t bought the RDP you’ve been thinking about, try out 99rdp service to get complete admin access.

How does Chrome Remote Desktop work?

Among all “remote connection” apps, Chrome Remote Desktop will win your heart as an administrator, IT department, or user. It is an exceptional piece of free remote desktop software that employs a special protocol. The protocol sends keyboard and mouse events from the client to the server through a computer network, as well as graphical screen updates in the other direction. Chrome Remote Desktop is practical if you need access to your own computer or your place of employment. Start utilizing Chrome Remote Desktop quickly to assist your buddy or someone else even if you are asked to look at their computer.

You previously discovered how to connect to a Windows VPS. So if you’re interested in using Google Chrome Remote Desktop on your VPS, stick with us as we go over the simple steps needed to do so.

When and why would you require Chrome Remote Desktop?

Accessing a computer that is not physically in front of you is intriguing and appealing, to put it briefly. You can access the entire contents of the remote system while using Windows, Mac, Linux, or Chrome OS on a desktop or mobile device. Furthermore, you can communicate with it as if you were in front of various business components. To experience a free and secure remote connection, for instance, the IT department, Customer Service, Finance, HR, and Marketing can quickly begin utilising this software.

Chrome Remote Desktop may be easily set up whenever you need a user-friendly remote desktop application and provides a number of benefits without requiring a long setup procedure. No matter where they are on the same device, you may share your screen with them. Additionally, you can use Chrome Remote Desktop on the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOs operating systems when you can’t work with a specific device.

Benefits of using Chrome Remote Desktop:

1. Free in every way:

You could have installed it previously because it is cross-platform and totally free. All untrained individuals would be able to start utilising it because, as we previously indicated, it is straightforward to use and set up.

2. Minimal installation

You will get a tool that offers unattended access, clipboard syncing between machines, and keyboard mapping after a light and straightforward installation.

3. Continuous remote access

The ability for a remote user to connect to a host computer even while the host user is signed out and not using Chrome right now is one of the most useful features. For employees who use both their home and business computers and log in remotely as needed, this means that if someone has the password, they have permanent access to the system.

4. Trustworthy service

Even though Chrome Remote Desktop is run by Google, you can be sure that you are using a dependable service. The most recent open web standards, including WebRTC, are used. As a result, you can safely link the computers to one another. It is quite secure.

Drawbacks of Chrome Remote Desktop:

Now, check the down points of Chrome Remote Desktop.

1. No chat function and multiple-display support

To most users, being free is a very important point of a tool. As you read, Chrome Remote Desktop is free, but it causes lacks some features like integrated chat, drag-and-drop file transfers, not consuming a lot of resources, and support for multiple monitors.

2. Unable to connect to a sleeping machine

The main disadvantage of the Chrome Remote Desktop is that it is cannot wake from sleep. So, you must ensure that all machines you want to connect to are awake.

You may ask if it is possible to adjust the power-saving setting to minimize the cons. The answer is yes, but you have to do this before using it remotely. Generally, in comparison to other remote desktop software, you need to know this point as a disadvantage.

Team Viewer vs. Chrome Remote Desktop:

You evaluated the benefits and drawbacks of the Chrome Remote Desktop for the time being. To see a comparison between this tool and Team Viewer, keep reading this post. Since they enable users to connect remotely, they are similar in nature. However, Team Viewer opens in a different tab and is more suited for online cooperation. Team Viewer appears more practical if you need to share files and communicate within the program. However, it costs money, and using it effectively calls for a quick internet connection.

Steps to Install Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

All you require is an existing Google account. Below is a description of how to set up Chrome Remote Desktop.

Step 1

For Chrome Remote Desktop, point your browser to the Google website. Select “Get started” and sign in with your Google account when prompted.

Step 2

Click the “Download” button after logging in to Chrome to install the extension.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 3

To start the Downloading.

.Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 4

To start the installation, click on the ”Accept and Install” button.

Chrome Remote Desktop

Step 5

As soon as an installation prompt appears, accept it and wait for Chrome Remote Desktop Host to complete. When the “CANCEL” button no longer appears on the web page, you’ll know it’s finished.

Step 6

Now, you need to pick a name for the remote computer and then click the ”Next” button.

Step 7

In this step, as you see in the picture, entering a PIN is required. The PIN will be used to connect to the host. Do not panic when the keyboard is not working because only a numerical pin is acceptable. Choose at least six digits long and click on the ”Start” button and accept or acknowledge any pop-up requests.

Now it’s all yours. Finish the setup, then launch the service. When Online appears next to the computer name, the registration process is complete and the computer has been linked to the Google account you used to sign in.

The best way to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop?

The last section of this tutorial will teach you how to utilise Google Chrome Remote Desktop to establish a free, quick, and secure remote connection. When using a physical computer, all you have to deal with is your system. In contrast, the server in a remote scenario is the remote computer that you are connected to. It was simple to install, and this makes it simple to use as well.

Learn how to use Google Chrome Remote Desktop in its entirety by joining us.

To remotely control the host, you can connect to it as a client.

First, after running Chrome, go to the Chrome Remote Desktop page. Open the Remote Access page to log into your Google account (this is the same Google account you used to set up). Do not log in to the computer that is listed as “This device”; instead, use a different host computer. Enter the PIN you previously selected on the host computer to launch the remote session.

Connecting to another machine with Google Chrome Remote Desktop:

The method below helps you to connect to any other computers.

The considered person will send you the access code that you must input into the text box. Once you click Connect, the extension will check your code. You can now view other people’s computer screens. You now have another person’s PC open in the browser.


You learnt what Chrome Remote Desktop is in this post, along with some of its best attributes. You are now aware of the setup requirements and instructions for this practical tool. You must first log in with your credentials on your friend’s computer to set up Chrome Remote Desktop if you want unattended access to their computer. However, once the programme has been installed, you won’t need to be logged in. You may essentially log out, and the programmed will still run in the background as an extension. Please don’t hesitate to ask any queries for a timely response.

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