October 6, 2021

Introducing Virtual GPU Server With Maxwell Graphics Ideal for 3D Modeling, Rendering & ML


Bonjour Readers, Aren’t you fed up using shared  GPU Server or a costly Dedicated GPU Server? Well, Worry no more. At 99RDP, We understand your demands and compute. Unleash the artist inside you with NVIDIA Tesla M10 Quad Maxwell powered Virtual GPU Server. Render your complex 3D scene faster, introduce smooth interactivity within your model. With our latest plan, save time and praise performance.

Virtual GPU Server For Rendering

We are excited to announce our new GRID of Virtual GPU Server that can give you  performance similar to a bare metal sever. Furthermore with flexible graphic  options, you may choose between vGPU VM’s or allocate multiple GPUs to a single VM. That will power most of your demanding workload. You may rent a high-performance Virtual GPU Server with top-tier hardware of various price combination. In addition to we provide high class bandwidth with a wide range of operating systems. Making most of the Operating systems installation free of cost.



Take a look inside how it works


Accelerated Virtual Desktops for Mobile and Office Workers | NVIDIA Virtual GPU Solutions


Together with a virtualized environment powered by NVIDIA GPUs, the NVIDIA  (vGPU) software works at the virtualization layer with the hypervisor. This software creates virtual GPUs that let every virtual server (VPS) share the physical GPU installed on the server. As a result creative applications will get more accessibility in this cloud environment compared to traditional computing.


Benefits Of Nvidia Tesla Maxwell powered VPS


Businesses, particularly those with commercial purposes, may require an additional Virtual GPU server to meet their specialized requirements. Most firms nowadays need more excellent virtual machine capabilities to boost their performance and compete in the industry. As a result, it saves a lot of money by employing Virtual GPU  based on their workstation needs rather than purchasing them in bulk.


NVIDIA GRID with New Tesla M10 Now Available | NVIDIA Blog


With 99RDP Virtual GPU Server, experience true detail for all your business applications. 99RDP vGPU Server can quickly integrate extra capabilities into your work infrastructure and aid in the delivery of exceptional outcomes.


Here are the key advantages of using a Virtual GPU Server (VGPU) for exceptional outcomes


NVIDIA RTX Technology Realizes Dream of Real-Time Cinematic Rendering - Gaming Central

The Tesla M10 GPU comes with a faster bandwidth for up to 83.2 GB/s that can help you render 50-100 times faster. With our latest plan, you can render life-like images with proper lighting and shading. Having such faster bandwidth makes this a perfect choice for rendering applications like Adobe Creative Cloud and CAD. In addition experience 3x faster-transcoding speed so that you may transcode high-quality 4K 8K video smoothly.



With 99RDP Virtual GPU Server, you can do complex mathematical tasks and free up your CPU cycles for other tasks.  For Example, training a model in deep learning requires a large dataset, which means a lot of computational operation in terms of memory. With vGPU bandwidth up to 82gb/s, the loading phase of the data decreases by 30%. Compute multiple parrallel process with multiple GPU cores for faster training on ML models.


GPU server


GPU accelerated servers are the best choice for a variety of applications, including GPU-accelerated modeling and photorealistic rendering in animation, film, and product design. With a vGPU server, you can handle multiple functions for different datasets at the same time. For example, if we have to multiply two matrices in a browser, we can calculate both the matrices at once with GPU but in the CPU case, we have to iterate every row and column. Truly the CPU will take 170,000 milliseconds and GPU will take only 542 milliseconds.


Virtual GPU Server For Streaming


Picture processing, 3Dmodeling, and analyzing real-time recognition, require more GPU acceleration nowadays. The M10 architecture claims native 16-bit floating-point support, resulting in significant speedups in modeling and recognition. Float across complex graphic vectors in your model to apply immersive interactivity functions for a smoother experience.  Hence, making it the best choice for Modelling and Picture Processing.


Affordability & Cost | Timber-Boot by ProWeb.Agency


One of the main benefits you can achieve is its affordability. At a specific cost, you can get the power of the world’s best GPU to any Virtual Machine or Desktop Application. With 99RDP Virtual GPU Server lowers the cost of your work requirements without worrying about the management cost. Choose faster processing, reliability, and low cost. Starting at  $69 only.




Finally In a word, Whether you are a graphic designer or a video streamer our latest plan will help you transcode, render, model, all your graphics in one place. With firms leveraging their existing infrastructure based on their needs. Almost every industry is now utilizing Virtual GPU Server abilities to work to collaborate with real-time users, including Adobe Creative Cloud, Bentley Microstation, Maya Autodesk. 


Virtual GPU Server


Whether you’re an existing 99RDP customer or just getting started, you’re going to love our new  VIRTUAL GPU plans. This one is dedicated to all the Artists and Data Engineers, let nothing stop you.  Start training your ML Models with our VIRTUAL GPU SERVER today at $69/month only. We’re excited to work with you!

Did you find this article helpful? Then you’ll love our support. Experience 99RDP  today. Check out our other RDP plans today.

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