June 9, 2022

New Security Update By Microsoft For Its Android Remote Desktop App

Abhishek Thakur

Read this article to learn about the news, ‘Microsoft releases a security update for its Android Remote Desktop app that was previously vulnerable’.

Remote desktop protocol

The remote desktop protocol is software that enables customers to link to a particular device from a far-off area as if they were present in front of it. Once the link is made, customers can do a vast range of operations as if they are using the machine in front of them. They may control programs, resolve faults, and even conduct administrative activities if they desire to do so.

Thousands of modern enterprises throughout the world use the remote desktop protocol as part of their IT system and services. From international enterprises to educational institutions that provide educational services globally, the remote desktop protocol has indeed been demonstrated to be a powerful software the present world requires.

Microsoft releases a security update for its Android Remote Desktop app that was previously vulnerable

Microsoft included the Microsoft RDP for Android application in its safety alert for a data leak vulnerability that previously affected only Windows Remote Desktop Protocol clients.

Extortion is more probable to happen

When the Windows remote desktop protocol client inappropriately publishes the data of its memory, Microsoft’s advisory stated, “a data exposure vulnerability occurs.” By exploiting this vulnerability, a hacker may be able to get access to the user’s computer device.

Remote desktop protocol clients’ initialization of storage has been corrected by Microsoft to remove a fault that would have exposed uninitialized memory to attackers who had effectively exploited the weakness.

According to Redmond’s Exploitability Index, this vulnerability is more possible to be exploited, which suggests that:

This vulnerability can be exploited reliably by an attacker, according to Microsoft’s investigation. This vulnerability has been exploited in the past, and Microsoft is informed of it. This would render it a more desirable target for attackers, and thus more probable that exploits would be found. As a result, clients that have thoroughly examined the security patch and decided that it applies to their business should give it top importance.

Mitigation measures

Microsoft recommends that all Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android users install the most recent security update to ensure that their devices are safe against potential assaults.

To fix this security weakness, Android users must upgrade their Microsoft Remote Desktop for Android software as follows:

  1. On your main screen, click the Google Play symbol.
  2.  Take a swipe inward from the screen’s left edge.
  3.  Select My applications and games from the menu that appears.
  4.  Select the Updates box next to the remote desktop protocol application.


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