September 9, 2018

Now Use Traffic Bots Hitleap Forex Limitless With New RDP Plans

Abhishek Thakur

Botting RDP includes everything that Admin RDP has such as, full admin access, secured resources, private IP along with some added features like Extra CPU, pre-installed software and frameworks. With Botting RDP you have no restrictions, you can control your software and Bots 24/7 without any problems. Botting RDP can also be utilized as private Encoding RDP.

Botting with a VPS has its benefits. Though, there is a trick to it. If you have ever analyzed a bot on VPS, then you would definitely have observed that when you close the remote connection, the botting stops as well. This is because there needs to be an active remote desktop connection at all times for it to work properly. When you disconnect from the remote connection, it will stop providing all graphics which blocks the bot from doing its job.

Features of the Botting RDP plan launched by 99RDP:

Full Admin Access

With the Botting RDP plan, you can install all your preferred software without any restriction. Also, you can reboot and re-install your server.

No Overload Issue

The team at 99RDP continually keeps a check on their servers and do not let their users to overload our servers, and also they keep a low number of users per server, and consequently delivers good performance.

Botting Bundle

Botting and software like Hitleap, Jingling, Forex Trading, SEO tools, Bitcoin Mining are allowed. Moreover, you can also get free access to our other community-based software bundles.

High Performance

The data center of 99RDP have high-end specification servers and also offer exceptional downloading/uploading speed.

Private IP & Anonymous

With Botting RDP you will get Fully personal and unshared IP Address with 100% Anonymity.

Instant Setup

99RDP offers an instant activation on all of their RDP plans so that you don’t have to wait for activation after the payment is done.

Full Powerhouse

It’s a fully loaded Powerhouse RDP. Extra CPU, SSD Disk, Blazing speed, etc

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