July 13, 2022

Check And Reset Windows License Using slmgr

Abhishek Thakur


Hola Users, Deadpool here today we will learn how to check and reset Windows License using CMD. Using slmgr CMD tool we can see the status or reset the license of your installed windows OS (7/8/10/server12/server19).

With Windows OS the licensing is based on core count like if you have Windows server Standard or Windows server Datacentre edition then you have to follow the core based license metrics or the sytem reboots itself every 30minutes once the trail period expires. Core based licensing means that the number of license will depend on the core count of every proceesor.  One of the basic rule of core based licensing, you will need to have a base license that covers 16 cores. Now that the base licensing model you must have for every windows server. This licensing models require only while running an applications  such as a SQL Server or an Exchange Server, If not we can check and configure windows license  using slmgr.vbs(Windows Software Licensing Tool) on  CMD.

To Check Windows License using slmgr kindly follow the steps:

  • Open CMD with Administrator rights and then type in the given and enter.

                   “slmgr.vbs /dlv”

  • The given dialoge box will appear having the activation ID, Installation ID, and Remaing Windows Rearm counts.

Windows License Status

To Reset Windows License using slmgr follow the given steps:

  • Start CMD as Administrator.
  • Type in the given command and press enter to clear the product key this will put the windows in unlicensed status.

                   “slmgr /upk”

Removing Windows Product ID

  • Even if you not successful removing the product key you can type the given command and press enter to clear it from the registry.

               “slmgr /cpky”

Removing Product ID from Windows

  • To activate windows with a license key enter the given command and press enter. This will register the Windows with the given key.

                  “slmgr /ipk yourlicensekey”

  • For people who dont want or afford the license there is another way around Windows 16/19 comes with an evaluation period of 180 days. To extend the evaluation trail everytime without activating Windows,  you can use the given command.

                   “slmgr /rearm”

Reset Trail Period

This will put the windows back to a pre key status giving you 180 days more for activation. Restart the system and check the status of the License using the slmgr.vbs /dlv command. This is how we check and reset windows license using windows slmgr. Hope this makes your day better.

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