December 8, 2022

Residential VPS | Introducing Four New ISP Providers

Abhishek Thakur

Residential VPS offers IP addresses that are connected to a real home network. They are practically impossible to ban because it gives you an IP address associated with your physical residential address. This way you can effectively hide your real IP address, bypass geo-blocked content, and collect data from across the internet.

99RDP offers a true Residential connection having residential addresses for AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, and Verizon. Unlike residential proxy IP, this service offers a more reliable and fast connection. Residential VPS addresses give the impression of a regular home browsing the web while residential IP proxies make it clear the user is utilizing them to hide their identity. There’s also a significant difference in cost. Residential VPS addresses are considerably more difficult to procure and can be a bit costly.

Features Of 99RDP Residential VPS

  • Residential VPS Are More Legitimate: Security systems usually trust this service more because a residential network can only be assigned to a real private address. Basically, some websites can detect that you are using a proxy connection and you may notice that your data center connection is blocked. Data center IPs are usually easier to obtain than residential IPs, and many data center users hide their real IPs for malicious purposes. Therefore, these IPs are more likely to be blocked.
  • Wide Range Of ISP: 99RDP Residential VPS offers services from AT&T, Comcast, Sprint, and Verizon making it the perfect choice for bypassing geo-blocks.
  • Fewer Bans: These VPS are better because they are unique. Data center proxies receive a flood of subnet bans when IPs are detected.
  • Usability For Global Releases: Using Residential VPS you can cop goods internationally, unlike datacentre IP will only work where its servers are situated.

99RDP Residential VPS Plans

Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


Starting from


40 GB Storage40 GB Storage40 GB Storage40 GB Storage
1GBPS Bandwidth1GBPS Bandwidth1GBPS Bandwidth1GBPS Bandwidth
1 Residential IP Address1 Residential IP Address1 Residential IP Address1 Residential IP Address
4 Core @3.40GHz4 Core @3.40GHz4 Core @3.40GHz4 Core @3.40GHz
0% Fraud Score0% Fraud Score0% Fraud Score0% Fraud Score
100% Fresh IP100% Fresh IP100% Fresh IP100% Fresh IP
Fully Managed VPSFully Managed VPSFully Managed VPSFully Managed VPS

Why Choose 99RDP Residential VPS

  • Four Different ISP Providers: 99RDP offers fresh-class top-tier services from AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, and Spectrum.
  • Price: Keeping our client’s needs and reliability in mind we offer each of the plans for less than $ 100.
  • Windows Os Support: Get free support for any issue related the windows Os.
  • Uniqueness: 99RDP Residential VPS is more unique than our Residential and Datacentre IP RDP.


When deciding whether to use a data center IP or a Residential VPS, consider what you will be using the internet for. Things like video streaming may require a Residential VPS, but other activities can easily be done using a data center proxy. The budget also plays a big role given how expensive a residential VPS can be. If undecided, we recommend using 99RDP Residential VPS. Datacenter proxies are much cheaper, and you can switch to any if the need arises and your budget allows. This is usually a much easier procedure than the other methods.

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