November 16, 2019

What is Forex RDP VPS & It’s Benefits

Mayank Kumar

What is Forex RDP VPS?

The term “FOREX VPS” involves a virtual private server system that is mainly applied in forex trading.
Basically, these servers host MT4/MT5 trading platforms 24/7 uninterruptedly. In forex VPS service the
hardware resources are allotted under a vast server arrangement. Forex servers get optimized for meta-
trading & latency for conducting rigorous trading activities. VPS service providers arrange respective plans
for the individual requirements based on disk space, CPU capacity, latency & much more. Dedicated server
plans are very common nowadays because most of the pro traders prefer them over other server policy.
99RDP is highly proficient and experienced in this industry & we know what exactly a forex trader wants.
That’s why we have various types of planning options to meet different kinds of needs.

Why Use a Forex RDP For Trading?

Redundancy, usability & availability are the main reasons to introduce a VPS service in forex trading. There
are some other purposes that we can extract. -Specially Optimized for Meta-trading: VPS servers are
developed for running MT4/MT5 trading accounts without any disturbance or failure. -Latency: The ultra-
low latency required for forex trading cannot be maintained by typical ISP’s. Only the latency optimized
servers are capable to produce lightning-fast business execution. -Back-up & Security: In VPS hosting
service a continuous data backup process will be running simultaneously with your trading.

How To Set-up Forex RDP?

A user doesn’t need extra technical proficiency to run his/her MT4 account on a VPS server. It’s just
required some simple steps to follow.
Step 1: Download the MT4/MT5 directly from the MT4/MT5 official website.
Step 2: Select “Remote Desktop Protocol” from the search bar.
Step 3: Enter the login credential provided by the VPS service provider.
Step 4: Install the downloaded MT4/MT5 properly on the remote desktop.
Step 5: After successful installing enter the login details that were provided from your brokerage
house. On successful completion of these steps, your MT4/MT5 platform hosting will be initiated.


How To Utilize A Forex RDP?

An effective VPS server maintains the fastest trading execution speed with all of its technical features. The
user can run multiple MT4/MT5 accounts depending on the RAM size, CPU & disk capacity. As the slightest
time variation means huge significance in forex trading, the trader has to be extra cautious about latency.
The VPS keeps meta trading accounts running 24/7 & users can make trades from the deposits & withdraw
them as well. Most of the traders prefer dedicated & latency optimized servers to other shared services for
making the best use out of this hosting service.

Forex Dedicated Server:

99RDP offers a full dedicated server to its clients. Rather than a leap service we act according to our
featured criteria. That’s why we give full dedication & effort to ensure our dedicating service quality. The
factors we emphasize on to keep our service dedicated are in the following:
  • Ensuring 100% Uptime guarantee.
  • 24/7/365 stand by the support team.
  • Latest SSD based hardware support system
With a 99RDP dedicated plan, our client has a wide range of opportunities to choose the most suitable
server according to the needs. We offer four modules; DS 1, DS 2, DS 3, DS 4 categorized by:
  • Price/monthly
  • CPU feature
  • Traffic range
  • RAM size


Why FOREX RDP is important for You?

A quality VPS service holds onto definite key factors that can hand the user a wide range of profits. Those
facilities could be a dedicated VPS service, 24/7 support capability, optimized trading platform
supportability, etc. 99RDP has been strictly maintaining the hallmark of strong technical & professional
reliability in forex VPS hosting from its very first day.


1. Effective Hosting: 99RDP will introduce you with an ultra-fast hosting experience. It could be any
platform or website; this VPS can deliver 3x faster speed that of the regular server.
2. Optimized for MT4/MT5 Trading: Our servers are technically optimized to run meta trader trading
accounts. Forex trading is going to be smooth & uninterrupted with 99RDP VPS servers.
3. Ultra-Low Latency: 99RDP’s Forex VPS possesses the capacity of delivering the latency in a millisecond.
Our data centers are located in New York, London, Amsterdam, Montreal to ensure the shortest latency
4.Latest Hardware Technology: Our Forex VPS servers are featured with SSD (Solid State Disk) RAID-10
adroitness. This powerful feature will enhance the speed of hosted website quality to a great extent.
5. 100% Uptime Guarantee: 99RDP guarantees 100% uptime at any cost. Even the time of load shedding
or power shortage your business platform will remain fully operational.
6. Continuous Security & Backup: Our servers own enough technical resources to prevent any sort of
security breach or cyber-attack. Our backup system(DDoS) will keep your data intact.


What is the advantage of using forex VPS over PC?

There are many advantages of using Forex VPS but here is the list of the most important ones:

1. Internet Connection Stability: Our VPS solution offers a professional setup. We have a high-grade
Internet connection and multiple backup connections in case one or more go down. In comparison, a
Home Internet connection has no backup and can vary in reliability.
2. Power Consumption: Our VPS solution offers a professional setup. We have a high-grade Internet
connection and multiple backup connections in case one or more go down. In comparison, a Home
Internet connection has no backup and can vary in reliability.
3. Keep your PC desktop tidy: If you run your MT4 on your PC you will always have the terminal on the
desktop. This can be annoying and also you could mistakenly close the terminal while closing other
applications. With a VPS it is out of site unless you have your RDP connection running.
4. Access from anywhere: You can remotely access your VPS from anywhere if you have an Internet connection.


How Does Forex VPS Benefit In Forex Trading?

A forex trader can draw out many gains & profits from a VPS service if selected the right one. Some of the most common benefits are as follows:


1. Latency optimized VPS server decreases the slippage problem at a great extent.
2. Ultra-fast trading execution facility.
3. Dedicated server for pro traders.
4. Cost-effective server plans.
5. Great reseller opportunity.
Payment Methods: We accept Paypal, Neteller, Skrill, Webmoney, Perfect Money, Payza, VISA/Mastercard, Bitcoin & Alt Coins, PayTM.

Check plans and pricing and ORDER NOW.


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