August 8, 2023

What is Windows VPS Hosting?

Sanjana Kumari

When it comes to web hosting, there are several options available, each catering to different needs and requirements. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting has gained significant popularity due to its ability to offer more control and resources than shared hosting while being more cost-effective than dedicated hosting. In this article, we will explore Windows VPS hosting, its features, advantages, and how to choose the right provider for your needs.

Imagine having a computer that you can use the internet to access and manage from any location. This computer system is a virtual one hosted on a powerful server in a data center rather than a physical one that is physically sitting in front of you. The virtual machine uses Windows as its operating system, much like your personal computer.

You can rent one of these virtual machines for yourself through a service called Windows VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting. In a powerful computer, it’s like having your own personal mini-computer. Installing and running your own software allows you to host websites or applications, use it as a web server, and store files.

 What is VPS Hosting?

Before diving into the specifics of Windows VPS hosting, let’s briefly understand what VPS hosting is. VPS hosting is a type of web hosting where a physical server is divided into multiple virtual servers using virtualization technology. Each virtual server operates independently, acting as a dedicated server for the websites hosted on it.

 Windows VPS Use Cases: 

Purchasing a Windows VPS is advised for individuals looking for the best solution Purchasing a Windows VPS is advised for individuals looking for the best solution to manage their company website because of Windows Server’s dependability and flexibility. Additionally, Windows Server has sub-features that enable users to work in any area of the web.

You don’t have to bother about dealing with physical machines or managing the hardware. The hosting company handles all technical matters on your behalf. To connect to your virtual Windows VPS and operate it just like your own computer, all you need is an internet connection and a device like a computer, laptop, or even a smartphone.

Some applications of this type of server are given below,

    1. E-mail servers
    2. Multiplayer games
    3. Application testing
    4. Using As A Web Server
    5. Backup
    6. Forex
    7. VPN

The top four Windows operating systems

We will look at a variety of Windows VPS distributions, each of which is a crucial component of Windows VPS and has particular uses:

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2012 Windows Server

It is known as the “cloud operating system” since Microsoft focused on cloud features in this iteration of Windows Server.

We will have more recent features in this edition than in earlier versions, such as:

  1. In-Vehicle Virtual Switch
  2. Synthetic Hyper-V
  3. Storage area
  4. File management

Like its predecessors, this edition of Windows Server has been made available in four variants.

2016 Windows Server

Microsoft implemented the Nano Server, a more secure server, to limit attack vectors, and other new capabilities to move Microsoft closer to the cloud.

2019 Windows Server

Windows Server 2019 connects to Azure and includes additional security measures to let you create dynamic, innovative infrastructure and apps.

It’s interesting to note that while Windows Server 2019 was unveiled on March 20, 2018, the public wasn’t able to see its preview until October 2, 2018.

VPS Windows 10

For individuals who want the features of a conventional Windows and wish to use it to install software, browse the web, and even build up more complex websites, Windows 10 on a virtual server is appropriate. Still, Windows Virtual Server is a better choice if you plan to utilize the server professionally and use capabilities like DHCP.

A website or web application cannot be hosted on a Windows 10 VPS. Instead, it might be a better choice for auxiliary labor and project-oriented tasks.

Security on Windows servers:

The following are some techniques for enhancing Windows Server security.

  •  Use unidentified ports for various services
  •  Switch on Windows Server’s firewall.
  •  Select a simple yet strong password.
  • Modify the default account
  • Utilize Windows Sandbox.

One of the best ways is to permanently alter the password for the email account that you used to send the server’s login and password; otherwise, the unauthorized party might easily access your server by getting access to your email.

Use your virtual server without worrying by doing the following:

Linux VPS and Windows VPS variations

Virtual Private servers that run on multiple operating systems include Linux VPS and Windows VPS.

Linux is a better option for you in both cases of security and flexibility; in other cases, like ease of use, performance, or control panel; you have to choose based on your needs and interests. The only distinct and significant differences between Linux and Windows servers are these two factors.

Windows VPS may be a better option if you need compatibility with Windows-specific software or prefer a more recognizable user interface. On the other hand, Linux VPS would be a wise decision if you prefer an open-source, affordable solution with a wide selection of software support.

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The best operating system for hosting websites

Let’s focus on the three primary aspects of security, stability, and lightness. At this point, the Linux virtual server will be a more cost-effective option for you; also, given that about 65% of websites today use Linux, the Linux virtual server will be your top priority unless you have made Windows Virtual Server your choice for other reasons.

It is advised that you choose a Linux VPS if you’re seeking for a reliable web hosting service, but a Windows VPS is still a viable choice.


In conclusion, Windows VPS hosting offers a powerful and versatile solution for individuals and businesses seeking reliable hosting with the advantages of dedicated resources, scalability, and a Windows-based environment. With its array of features and benefits, Windows VPS hosting empowers users to take full control of their online presence, applications, and data…







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