January 2, 2023

WordPress vs Joomla: Choosing The Best CMS For Your Website


Are you wondering about WordPress or Joomla for your next website? There are many good reasons to use WordPress. But most importantly it’s not the only content management system that helps you build your website. Both platforms are known for their ease of use, rich customization options, and active communities. WordPress and Joomla have their strengths and weaknesses, but both can be used to create modern websites. We’ve already spent some time comparing WordPress to hosted solutions like Squarespace. Now do the same for Joomla. We look at each content management system to give you a better idea of each platform. Let’s proceed with WordPress vs Joomla.


WordPress vs Joomla-The Market Statistics 

WordPress is used on 43.0% of all websites that stay on the internet. This offers the platform a 64.3% marketplace proportion of all websites. Meanwhile, Joomla sits 5th withinside the rankings. The platform is used on 1.6% of all stay websites, giving it a 2.5% CMS marketplace proportion.

Taking WordPress out of the equation for only a moment. Joomla isn’t always doing too badly among the relaxation of its competitors. It has fallen under Shopify, Wix, and Squarespace. However, nonetheless, it sits easily in advance of different CMS names like Drupal and Adobe Systems.


WordPress vs Joomla: Key Features


Launched in 2003, WordPress changed into first taken into consideration as a running a blog platform, in different words, to create blogs. However, it has grown a long way past that point. The platform is straightforward to use, you could create any type of web page and personalize it with the use of WordPress’s big environment of plugins and themes. WordPress is separated into WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

WordPress.com is the hosted version. You simply want to create an account, pick a plan, and construct your internet site directly. WordPress.org is a self-hosted CMS. You have complete management of your internet site however you may want to download the software program onto your laptop and locate your internet hosting. In this article, we are able to have a more in-depth study of WordPress.org, that’s the Open Source platform, to be less complicated to examine with Joomla.



Launched in 2005, Joomla is likewise a pinnacle Open Source CMS platform written in PHP and saved in a MySQL database.

As an Open Source CMS in preference to being hosted, Joomla is loose and to be had for all and sundry to use. It turned into released with the purpose of supplying customers with a scalable way of constructing their websites and applications, with no understanding of coding.



Ease Of Use

Despite being similarly on hand hosting-wise, WordPress’s dashboard calls for much less time to apprehend than Joomla. Newbies with constrained technical knowledge can navigate via the admin dashboard and control their websites with ease.

Content Management

With an effective device for handling content material, WordPress is a higher preference for running a blog than Joomla. Having the cap potential to create a custom taxonomy makes handling a huge quantity of content material lots extra straightforward.


WordPress wins towards Joomla because it has an extra massive series of plugins. Plus, the setup and activation manner is lots quicker and smoother with WordPress.

Search Engine Optimization

When it involves Joomla vs. WordPress, each system has flexible search engine marketing equipment proper out of the box. However, WordPress has high-quality user-pleasant search engine marketing equipment to catch up on lacking capabilities which might be to be had as defaults in Joomla.

Official Support

Both CMSs have several energetic groups that offer complete tutorials. However, WordPress has a mild higher hand as extra experts are specialized in WordPress than the ones for Joomla, making the energetic network larger.


WordPress’s substantial quantity of safety plugins gives a higher risk of stopping cyberattacks than Joomla. While the setup system can be difficult for beginners, you may usually seek advice from online tutorials or lease an expert for help.



WordPress and Joomla have their blessings and disadvantages. If you’ve got little to no technical knowledge, WordPress can be extra handy to use. Besides being extra beginner-friendly, it has a large choice of plugins and subject matters to amplify your site’s capability and customization capabilities. On the contrary, Joomla may be a superb choice for customers who’ve technical experience. It gives extra flexibility and capability properly out of the box, permitting you to get innovative together along with your project. Base your preference for your desires and knowledge, and you are sure to select the CMS to help you release a domain in no time. For both CMS 99RDP provides managed VPS plans and support.

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