November 11, 2020

Getting Familiar With 99RDP Customer Portal Homescreen


This article is an introduction to the customer portal home screen, which is the place to manage everything about your information, product/services. From the customer portal home screen, you can do the following:

    • View the status & information for a variety of services on your account.
    • Access customer portal control panel features.

Viewing status information for your account

To view status information for your account, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the 99RDP customer portal. After that, you will see the Home section of the customer portal which contains the basic striped details and shortcut for your active hosting product/services, active tickets, and  due invoices.

If you do not know how to log in to your customer portal account, please see this article

2. In the left row of the customer portal home screen, locate the My Details heading: This section shows your username, primary email, contact, section to change your customer portal password, and other basic information.

3. In the upper column of My Details Heading you can see your account Security settings and use it to connect your 99RDP customer portal with your Google, Facebook Account.

4. To view your product/service information about your account, click Services, and select My Services Tab.

5. In the My Services menu you can see your active and used product/Services. Click on your active product/service to access the detailed statistics about various resources of your products/services.

    • Scroll down to see details about your Domain.

    • The opened page displays statistical information about CPU and memory usage, bandwidth transfer, and details about your Domain.

Accessing customer portal control panel features

To access customer portal features, follow this step: There are two ways to access customer portal features:

1. You can access the customer portal control panel from the Home Section of your customer portal.

    • Goto Home Section and look under active products and then in the list of active products click the manage icon located on the right side of the active product list.

    • Scroll down till you can see the customer portal Control Panel section.

2. Alternatively you can access the customer portal Control Panel by going into Services>My Services and then click on the active product and it will take you to the control panel under the 2nd last section of the screen.

Working with customer portal control panel features

In your customer portal control panel, there are some major tools for the management of your product/service.

    • Boot– Click this to shut down your product/services.
    • Reboot-Click this to restart your product/services.
    • Shutdown-Click this to restart your product/services.
    • NoVNC Console-Click this to access your product/services in an HTML-based console for instance like switched off your network adapter and wants to restart it and much more.

Changing the password of your product/services from the customer portal control panel

1. To change the password for your active product:

    • Click on your active product list from Home or My Services under the Services section and you will be directed to the product detail/management page.

    • In the details section of the page click on the pen (edit) icon to change your product/services password. You will receive a confirmation prompt for changing your password, click on yes.

    • After clicking on yes wait for some seconds and the loading prompt will disappear from the screen and voila your product/services root password been changed now.

    • You can see your new changed password by clicking on the eye icon.

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