November 11, 2020

How to upgrade your hosting package


This article describes how to upgrade your hosting package.

Upgrades are processed within 24 hours, and usually much faster than that. There is also no penalty to upgrade; you only have to pay the difference between the two packages.

Upgrading a shared or reseller hosting package

To upgrade a shared or reseller hosting package, all you have to do is open a billing ticket on the Customer Portal at Please note in the ticket the upgrade you would like, as well as the billing cycle (for example, monthly, semi-annually, etc.).

Upgrading to a VPS package

If you have a shared or reseller hosting package and would like to upgrade to a VPS, you must order it as a new service. Submitting a billing ticket is not sufficient. After you have moved the data from your old account to the VPS, you can cancel the old plan.

To upgrade from a shared or reseller package to a VPS package, follow these steps:

1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
If you do not know how to log in to the Customer Portal, please see this article.
2. From the left menu panel click on the Order.

3. Select your base package( such as Germany Dedicated Server).

4.Now select the desired package category( Such as SingaporeRDP#4)

4. Choose the billing cycle and Operating system version:

5. Fill in your personal information and billing address.

6. Select your payment method:

7. Add Additional request with your order,  accept the terms of services,  then click on Checkout (You can also apply a promo code for a quick discount ).

8. After the payment an invoice will be generated and within some minutes your product/services login credentials will be delivered to you, on your 99RDP registered email address.

Upgrading an existing account to new package limits

We occasionally upgrade our package limits to remain in line with industry standards. If you are an existing customer, we can upgrade your account to the new limits. This is a manual upgrade, however, so we ask that you only request an upgrade if you are close to reaching a particular limit.

To upgrade your existing account limits, please open a support ticket on the Customer Portal at

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