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What are TCP ports?

Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) is utilized by TCP ports, and it is the most used protocol on the Internet and any other TCP/IP network. TCP builds a connection and transfers data streams between two hosts. It guarantees the transmission of data and the orderly transmission of packets. Guaranteed communication and delivery is the primary difference between TCP and UDP.


What are UDP ports?

The Datagram Protocol is used by UDP ports. In the same way as TCP, it works in tandem with IP to make it easier to send datagrams from one computer to the programs running on another. However, UDP is not a link and does not ensure steady communication. The receiving application must handle any issues and confirm delivery. Audio/video streaming and real-time gaming are examples of applications that benefit greatly from UDP’s use since the possibility of packet loss are preferable to waiting for delayed data.



RDP uses TCP or UDP, and which one is better?

In reality, TCP port 3389 must be accessible to use Remote Desktop. Since RDP 8.0, allowing UDP port 3389 access also enables acceleration (e.g. Windows 7 with RDP 8 Update, Windows 8, or Windows 10). To rephrase, only TCP is supported by older versions of RDP (versions before RDP 8.0). In contrast, RDP 8.0/8.1 will use either TCP or TCP plus UDP. In the absence of a transport option in the session setup parameters, UDP will be utilized if it can be established and TCP otherwise.

TCP vs UDP, which one is better?

So, which protocol — TCP or UDP — is superior? Bypassing TCP’s congestion avoidance strategy, RDP 8.0 over UDP has the potential to transmit anywhere from two to eight times as much data in the same amount of time compared to using TCP transport alone. However, TCP is more reliable than UDP since it guarantees that all segments will be received in the correct order and that any missed segments will be re-sent. It is possible for UDP packets to mysteriously disappear or arrive out of order if the connection is unstable.


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