August 15, 2023

Satisfactory Dedicated Server: Hosting and Set-Up

Sanjana Kumari

A Satisfactory dedicated server is the ideal option if you want to have the most freedom possible and make your game world accessible to everyone. On hardware that is rented from outside sources, it is best to build a satisfactory server. Most installations and configurations are done using the Epic Games or Steam client.

Popular first-person, open-world factory building game Satisfactory was created by Coffee Stain Studios. A separate computer or virtual machine that just runs the game server software serves as a dedicated server for Satisfactory. Even when the host is not playing, players can use the internet to connect to this dedicated server and play the game together in a shared environment.

Since March, the early access version of the open-world construction game Satisfactory has been accessible.

Since March 19, 2019, early access has been offered for the open-world construction game Satisfactory. You need to find materials, mine them, and construct the most effective factory you can. You can share this trip with others through cooperative gaming. It is not difficult to host and configure your own Satisfactory server through a service. The most crucial actions have been condensed.

Satisfactory server hosting or private online game?

You essentially have two options if you want to play Satisfactory online with friends and acquaintances: You can either host a game session on a dedicated server or establish a private session that runs on your own PC.

The benefit of running a Satisfactory server on your own device is that no additional hardware is required. As more players join, you will need to supply more resources for the private game, which puts a greater strain on your computer than it would in single player mode. Your access to the Internet is the same. The fact that a privately hosted game is only accessible to everyone while you are online and have launched the game world is probably its biggest drawback.

Since a dedicated server is run independently of the host machine, it offers more robust and reliable gameplay experiences. Additionally, it allows users to visit the gaming environment whenever they choose, even when the host is not online. A dedicated server is a terrific choice for individuals who wish to play multiplayer games with their friends or the gaming community, but setting one up requires some technical expertise and resources.

An externally hosted Satisfactory server is increasingly important the more players you wish to allow access to and let enter the game world at any time. In this situation, you have the option of making the Satisfactory server publicly available (through IP) in addition to having powerful servers and broadband resources.

Differents Satisfactory server scenarios and suitable IONOS plans

In the following table we have compiled some possible scenarios for your Satisfactory server and assigned the matching server models and IONOS plans.

Satisfactory server scenario Recommended IONOS server
2 players, selectively onlineCloud Server XL
2 players, permanently onlineVPS XL
3–8 players, selectively onlineCloud Server XXL
3–8 players, permanently onlineVPS XXL
> 8 players, permanently onlineDedicated Server AR6-32SSD


Make a Satisfactory dedicated server: Step-by-step tutorial

Once you have decided on a hosting environment and have the access data ready, you can start setting up your Satisfactory server. In the following tutorial, we have summarized the most important steps – exemplary for IONOS customers (vServer, cloud server, dedicated server). The installation of the server software is done via Steam.

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Step 1: Establish remote connection to the server:

 Access to your rented server hardware works remotely. The first step is therefore to set up and establish a corresponding remote connection. IONOS customers can configure this connection in the browser-based customer center (Cloud Panel). Login is possible via the following login page. Have your individual customer data ready.

In the Cloud Panel, first click on “Server & Cloud”. Then select the server environment that you have rented to host your Satisfactory server. In the “Access data” section, you will now find, among other things, a download link for setting up the remote desktop connection.

Click on the link and keep the suggested option “Open with Remote Desktop Connection”. The first time you connect, you will receive a security warning. Continue with the setup process by clicking on “Connect”.

Finally, type in the login data for your Satisfactory server. To do this, click on “More options” and “Use another account” in the dialog. The first time you connect, you must then classify the server’s certificate as trustworthy.

Step 2: Install Satisfactory server application via Steam client:

 After the connection has been successfully established, you can directly install Satisfactory’s dedicated server software. If you purchased the game via Steam, you can get the application directly from the gaming platform. Install the Steam client on the server and then proceed as follows:

  1. Access the “Library”.
  2. Use the drop-down function (down arrow) in the left side menu.
  3. Place a check mark next to “Tools”.
  4. Write “Satisfactory Dedicated Server” in the search results.
  5. Select the appropriate search result.
  6. Click on “Install” to create the Satisfactory dedicated server.

Step 3: Start the Satisfactory server:

After the installation is complete, you can start the Satisfactory server at the same place in the Steam client. To do this, simply press the “Start” button that is now displayed. Steam will then automatically check whether there are updates for the server software and whether all required tools and runtimes are installed on your system. If an application such as the Microsoft Visual C++ runtime is missing, the client automatically offers the option to install the missing components.

Step 4: Update server to experimental version:

In order for users to be able to use the Satisfactory Server Manager to connect to a dedicated server, they currently have to use the experimental version of the game. For this reason, you must also switch your Satisfactory server to the experimental version. So exit the server you just started and then proceed as follows:


  1. Right-click on the “Satisfactory Dedicated Server” entry in the library.
  2. Click on “Properties”.
  3. Switch to the “Betas” section.
  4. Select the “experimental – experimental” option in the first line.

The dedicated server software will then have to be updated, after which you can restart the server.

Step 5: Allow server ports:

 In the next step, you must ensure that the ports relevant to Satisfactory are enabled on your server. Specifically, this involves the following three ports:


  • UDP port 15777: This “Query Port” is used to make queries to the Satisfactory server (number of players, server name, etc.). This is the default port number, which can be exchanged if necessary.
  • UDP port 15000: The “Beacon Port” 15000 is required if you want to run multiple server instances simultaneously.
  • UDP port 7777: Players connect to their Satisfactory server’s game world via the “Game Port”. This is also the default port number, which can be exchanged if necessary.

To allow a port, you must define a suitable rule for the server firewall. With IONOS servers, you can perform this step conveniently in the Cloud Panel:


  1. Log in to the Cloud Panel.
  2. Go to the “Server & Cloud” section and then to your rented server hardware.
  3. Click on “Network” in the left side menu.
  4. Select the “Firewall Policies” menu item.
  5. Under “Incoming” you now create the rules for Query and Game Port (optionally also for Beacon Port).

Step 6: Activate the server:

The next step is to activate the newly created Satisfactory server via the Server Manager in the game client. As mentioned, you need to use the experimental version of the game for this (right-click on the game in the Steam client then > “Properties” > “Betas” > “experimental – experimental”).

Start Satisfactory and select the “Server Manager” entry in the menu. Then click on “Add Server” and type in the IP address of your server. Enter the query port “15777” as the port. Show the information is correct by clicking on “Confirm”.

You will receive a message that the server is unused and needs to be configured. First, assign a name in the space provided for this purpose and click “Confirm”.

In the second step, set a server password, which you then have to repeat to ensure it is correct. Accept the password by clicking “Confirm”.

Finally, select a game world for your Satisfactory server. Switch to the “Create Game” tab and click on the desired starting area. Assign a custom session name and check the “Join” box if you want the server to automatically join once the world is loaded. Finally, click “Create Game” to generate the world.

Step 7: Join the server:

If you have selected the auto join option, your game will automatically connect to the server following the setup process. For all other players, they must follow these instructions to join the server:


  1. Start game in experimental mode
  2. Open “Server Manager”
  3. Click on “Add Server”
  4. Specify IP address and port and press “Confirm”
  5. Enter the server passwort
  6. “Join Game “

After a short loading process, you will find yourself in the previously selected game world and can start with your self-hosted Satisfactory adventure!

Step 8: Configure Satisfactory server:

Of course, you can also configure your Satisfactory dedicated server individually after creating it. For example, it is possible to exceed the fixed limit of four players. To do this, you need to adjust the configuration file Game.ini. By default, you will find this file in the following directory (for “Username”, add the corresponding username):


Open the file and add the following script at the end, inserting the desired number of players instead of “X” (value of up to 127 possible):

[/Script/Engine.GameSession] MaxPlayers=X

Save the file and restart your Satisfactory server to apply the change.

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Conclusion : 

In the realm of hosting solutions, dedicated servers offer an unparalleled combination of performance, control, and security. By choosing the right server, configuring it to meet your needs, and implementing optimization strategies, you can provide users with a seamless and engaging online experience. Embrace the power of dedicated server hosting to elevate your website’s performance to new heights.







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